Thursday, March 8, 2012

Look What I Found!

Lookie what i found.......

in the perfect colors.....

just in time for Easter!!

What would you do with this wonderful twine??

I found it at the hardware store...Lowe's to be exact!!  For those of you that know how cheap thrifty i am, you must know that .86 centavos for 200 ft made me very, very happy!! 

Yeah bakers twine is cute and all, but for .86 pennies this plastic twine, like they make grocery bags out of, is SUPER cute!! 

~~Keep Looking Up~~


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  2. I really like the new look to your blog Stacey and love the cute twine - I'm wondering what you're gonna do with it !!!

    That comment above has gotta be THE most direct invite to follow - EVER !!!

    1. Thank You Fiona!! i think i like this twine for tying packages, but i just may get the printer out and make a banner to hang on the twine!! Well yes, my new invite gets right to the point!

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  4. Stacey,

    I love the colors and for .86 it is calling my name :) Thanks for the tip!

    Have a great weekend!


  5. love this stuff!!!! oh and if there are younger kids around -- everything you can do with lanyard -- you can do with this and such a bargain!!! whohooooo for you!!!! : ) hugs...oh and joe says hi and thanks ; )

  6. Love the springy colored twine. How fun is that!!
    Thanks for stopping by, Mary Alice