Thursday, April 12, 2012

No Excuses

Have you been wanting to learn how to sew?  How many excuses have you come up with not to?  Have you said to your self sewing machines are too expensive and too complicated?

I am a self taught sewer!  No lessons, just me, a machine and a sewing machine instruction booklet!  That's it!  My first machine was a bit like this one here, i call him Kenny. 

A good name for a Kenmore machine dontcha you think?  If i remember correctly Kenny cost me all of $50.00 and it's really all you need if you're a budding sewer. 

This little Kenmore is super simple to learn.

Easy to thread, easy to use and pretty tough too!  I've abused this little machine. No, i mean i have REALLY abused this little machine, and the worst thing that  happened was a bent needle. 

Now i have had larger machines, at one point i even had an industrial machine.  That was great but way too much.  My larger standard machine was broken by the movers and when i needed a new one i bought Kenny.  I really thought this lil' blue machine would just get me sewing again, and I'd need to upgrade soon.  Well it's been four years and i haven't upgraded yet. 

So how did i get started?  I used a lot of scrap material and sewed a lot of straight lines. 
When i got brave enough, i started making pillows.  Their is nothing easier than sewing a pillow and they make great gifts!!  Small curtains and valances are easier then you think too!!  I suppose i could have bought a book or something.  Their is probably a ton of them out there.  Instead i just plugged along, I'm really good at copying.  I experimented with baby blankets, button holes, zippers and on to baby clothes.  I'm not good at the clothing thing so that was short lived.  Eventually i made an entire bedding set for Flickerwhips crib, quilt, bumpers, and two bed skirts, a scalloped and a ruffled, layered one over the other.

Now no more excuses, go out and find yourself a Kenny and get to work...You'll be glad you did!

Sewing is just like anything else you never know until you try! 


  1. Ok, you have inspired me to take my machine out of it's box and get sewing. (I have to teach myself first though!)
    P.S. Nice job on the curtains below!

    1. Yes, please take the machine out of the box! I feel like it's one of those "if i can do it, you can do it" things. It's like anything else, it just takes a little practice! If you have any questions let me know, i'll answer them if i can! Thank you for the compliment on the curtains!

  2. Ok, ok, I get it. ;) Seriously, I have a machine, I've made a pillow or two, I struggle with the straight line. BUT, I really want to learn, just try and make new things. You make me feel like I can do it. Thank you. :)

    1. You CAN do it, and the more you do the better you'll get! I'm so glad i learned! I'm not great at it but i 'git-r-done'! LOL!

  3. I love sewing :) Of course, naming your machine Kenny had me in fits of laughter. That is the name my children have given to disposable pets (aka fish)...Oh My Gosh, dad, you killed Kenny! I'm a new follower aka stalker.