Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunday Funnies~Put What In The Freezer?!

Did you ever have one of those, "I really can't believe i did that" moments!  For me, being the klutz that i am, almost on a daily bases.  But this was just one of those things......aaaarrggghhh!

Now before i tell you what happened i have a confession to make, we don't mean to do it.  We try hard not to.  I've even thought about enrolling us all into some kinda of 12 step programs so it will stop.  Really we don't mean to hurt the little fellas but we are......TV remote abusers.  There, I've said it and it feels good to have it off of my chest!  whew! 

My son has destroyed two, don't ask me how i don't know.
The bulldog, when he was a pup, ate several.
We've temporarily lost a few in the couch...

and I can't just run down to the Walmart and buy a cheapy.  These are Dish Network, gotta order online and pay 20 bucks plus shipping and wait for them to get here, kinda remotes!~sigh~

Yep, Flickerwhip had just gone off the school, the house was still and i was watching Good Morning America, when tragedy struck.  I reached for my strong, heavily creamed java only to knock it over on top of the remote.  NOOOOOOO!!  Immediately i dried it, but it was to late!  It worked fine for just a few more minutes, then it had some sort of  an electronic stroke.  Channels changing on their own, lights flashing and such, it wasn't pretty.  Now did i mention that we only have one remote that we have to use for two TVs right now, because we already have a new one on the way?  Oh, forgot that part did i?
Ah ha, now you really understand my distress.  So here i am with a dying remote control, thinking maybe i can put it in rice, like they say to do with wet cell phones, when my son comes upstairs and hears me saying a few choice phrases about my stupidity and asks me what wrong?
I explain, and he says, "Put it in the freezer."  Now at this point you can imagine my perplexedness (my word) as i say, "HUH, What's that gonna do?"  To which he replies, "Just put it in the freezer."

Son," i say, needing to know the exact logic behind his statement,  "How exactly is this going to work?," i ask.
"I don't know mom," he says. "I just know that one of my friends washed his Ipod and my art teacher told him to put it in the freezer, he left it there for like a half a day and when he got it out it worked fine." 
Okay, that's enough logic for me!
Well, It can't get any deader than it is now, I guess,... batteries out and in the freezer it goes!

YOU are SO NOT gonna believe THIS.....IT stinkin' WORKED!!!!!!!  I put the batteries back in and it's worked fine ever since.  Who'da thunk it??

Now do i recommend this technique, no probably not, but it is a funny little story!


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